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How the Sanctum Device Can Help to Reduce Dental Anxiety

A lot of people experience anxiety and fear when they visit the dentist. This often discourages them from making or attending appointments, causing issues to go unmonitored and untreated. Fortunately, Arnold Street Dental offers Sanctum, a state of the art therapeutic relaxation dental device that helps patients relax and reduce their distress. This blog post contains more details about how Sanctum can reduce dental anxiety and help patients feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease during their appointment.

The Many Therapeutic Benefits of the Sanctum Device

Sanctum is a remarkable device that makes dental appointments less frightening in a variety of ways. Firstly, it provides significant relaxation by applying massage like pressure that causes a reflexive contraction followed by a broad relaxation of face muscles. Secondly, this compression improves lymphatic drainage by pushing metabolites out of muscle tissues which prevents irritation, thus increasing healing potential.

Sanctum’s compressional massage therapy also promotes collagen production which speeds up the recovery process, causes parasympathetic dominance or in other words helps enhance mood, and increases blood flow that makes dental anaesthesia dissolve up to 50% faster (we use this mode after treatment). Also, the Sanctum device provides a completely enclosed environment to protect the eyes from airborne debris and the bright lights the dental team use.

The Sanctum dental device has five modes depending on which stage of the process it’s used. These include: pre-treatment, treatment, surgical relaxation, recovery after dental treatment, and recovery after anaesthesia mode. Each mode is intended to make the patient feel more at ease and, thus, helping the dentist get the job done more easily.

Sanctum is a pleasurable experience for every patient.

Who is Sanctum for:

  • Nervous and anxious patients

  • Patients undergoing long procedures

  • Patients who dislike or are afraid of the noise of dental drills

  • Patients who dislike the discomfort from the vibration of dental drills

  • Patients who prefer not to see instruments or operators during dental treatment

  • Patients who have local anaesthesia

  • Patients who need optimal eye protection during treatment

Make a Booking at Arnold Street Dental for a Less Anxious Dental Appointment

At Arnold Street Dental, we’re proud to offer the Sanctum device for patients to wear, helping to minimise distress and discomfort during dental treatments. If you have any queries or want to make an appointment, we’re reachable via phone or online enquiry.

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