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Sugar Less Easter

As Easter approaches, you’ll be wanting to plan some fun activities for your children during the Easter holidays. It can be extremely difficult to stop your children from thinking that Easter is all about chocolate, so hear are some fun, sugar-free ideas that will bring you closer together as a family as well as looking after everyone's health.

Easter hunt not an Easter EGG hunt

Why not plan a fun, interactive Easter hunt without the sugar and chocolate eggs? Have a trail of clues that leads to a large fluffy Easter toy or an Easter basket full of non-food treats.

Another great idea is to hide hollow eggs that have small treats in. You can buy hollow eggs and fill them with things such as coins, Lego, temporary tattoos, mini stamps, magnets and/or bouncy balls.

Try some fun experiments

Create an obstacle course

Another fun idea could be to create an obstacle course in your garden or even in your living room. To add a more Easter theme incorporate an egg and spoon race, lots of bunny hopping and throwing and catching activities. Once the course is finished you can reward them with a non-food reward such as a certificate or badge.

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